British Columbia

Sim-Swap Scam

The Sim-Swap Scam is on the rise in Canada. TELUS has a post that covers the scam in detail.

Some takeaway points to be aware of, to prevent yourself in being a victim of this scam

  • Guard your phone and number. Have a password set on your phone to lock the phone when its not in use, and avoid sharing out your phone number
  • Use Strong Passwords for your online bank accounts. Don’t use a single password thats easy to guess for all your accounts.
  • Set up accounts using Multi-Factor-Authentication and avoid using a text based Two-Step-Authentication
  • Watch out incase your phone stops working, or if you get a text from your provider that your number is being changed to another provider.

If you have fallen victim to this scam. Please reach out to your local RCMP detachment, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501


More Phone Fraud

Recently through the media the Central Okanagan RCMP warned residents of a scam involving an elderly Kelowna grandmother who lost $14,000.She was panicked into sending money due to being told an urgent situation had occurred with a family member that required immediate payment.  Commonly used scenarios involve an arrest or accident involving family member or friend while travelling abroad.Monies are needed to cover hospital expenses, lawyer fees or police / court bail.Often the potential victim is instructed to send money via a money service such as Western Union or MoneyGram.Please be very careful and protect yourself when you receive unexpected  phone calls informing you of a family member emergency. 

Please take your time and verify the information provided.  Ask the caller questions that only the family member or friend is able to answer.Confirm the whereabouts of the family member or friend with other relatives.Never voluntarily give out family members names or information to unknown callers.Police, Judges or legal entities will never make urgent requests for money.Always question urgent requests for money.Before you send money to anyone take some advice from a relative or close friend.