The West Kelowna Community Policing Fraud Awareness program has expanded its mandate and has develop training programs for presentation to groups in the community on fraud awareness.  A manual of all types of scams, schemes and frauds was also developed in order to inform WKCP volunteers and members of the general public of current fraudulent schemes.

The program will continue to develop and expand as needs are identified in order to make West Kelowna residents more fraud aware.

The BC Securities Commission (BCSC) is the independent provincial government agency responsible for regulating securities trading activities in the province and educating the public, which is funded from fees collected from the industry. The BC Securities Commission Tipsters program is the eyes and ears of the Commission to generate leads about frauds promoted through investment seminars, advertising, and social media.  WKCP volunteers report active and ongoing schemes which enable the BCSC to move quickly and reduce harm to investors.

The BCSC does three things – they set rules, make sure they are complied with and educate the people of BC and industry participants.

BCSC needs our help.  It can be as little as reading advertisements in the local papers, listen to local talk around your city with reference to ‘new great investment deals’ and attending investment seminars.  A reported scheme while still ‘active’ will enable BCSC to move in quickly.