British Columbia

34 percent of Canadians have fallen victim to fraud

The Chartered Professional Accounts of Canada has published a new survey that shows 34 percent of Canadians have fallen victim to fraud. We encourage you to read the article, but in summary, here are a few tips on how you can prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud from the article.

1) Create Better Passwords and don’t use an easy to guess password for your accounts.

2) Review your transactions from your bank of financial institution every month. If you see something suspicious, then report it

3) Shred Personal documents – Don’t toss personal documents into your recycling before shredding it. The West Kelowna Community Policing Society has a Shredding Event scheduled for May 2nd 2019, if you need to dispose personal documents. You can view the event here

4) Always keep an eye on your Credit Score. There are several companies that offer the service (TransUnion for example) along with Canada’s major banks.

5) Screen your calls. If you don’t recognize the caller, don’t answer the phone or respond to the text.