Fake Apps

Use caution when purchasing retail store or online shopping apps. Counterfeit apps are designed to look and feel like they belong to legitimate retail stores. Some fake apps will inundate you with pop-up junk ads, while others will result in credit card and personal information being stolen, or malware being installed on your mobile device. In some instances, mobile devices have even been locked down and held hostage until a ransom is paid to the scam artist.

CONSUMER TIP: Be very cautious when deciding what apps to download. Read customer reviews associated with the app very carefully. Never click on a link in any email to download a new app. Go to the website of the retailer to get a link to the legitimate app in the App Store. If you do decide to use an app, give as little information as possible. Be very reluctant to link your credit card to any app. If you link it and that app is compromised, fraudsters could steal all your account information.