Auto Subscriptions

Many consumers taking advantage of online deals or trial offers for health and beauty products, vitamins, home care necessities, vacations and other items found themselves unknowingly signing up for expensive, seemingly endless, automatic monthly subscriptions for unwanted products. Beware difficult to find, non-existent, or complicated to understand fine print embedded in the terms and conditions or purchase contracts. Too-good-too be true offers often unexpectedly result in expensive subscriptions, cancellation fees and return shipping costs.

CONSUMER TIP: Always read the fine print before making any online purchases. Most online discounts and free trial offers come at some cost and are intended to lure consumers into becoming regular purchasers of a product or service. Unethical businesses and scam artists rely on victims to not have asked, looked for, or done their research before making such purchases. Do not provide your credit card or banking information to any company unless you are sure you understand the return and cancellation policies for a product or service.