3rd Party Application Services

Use caution when hiring third-parties to assist with filling out and submitting applications for government services, grants and loans. A variety of different organizations and businesses offer “pay-for” services to assist people with filling out applications for disability grants, passport applications, loans and debt consolidation, as well as other government services. While many of these organizations and business are legitimate service providers, there are also many scam artists claiming to provide similar services and targeting unsuspecting victims.

CONSUMER TIP: Legitimate “for-a-fee” application completion service providers typically charge money to assist customers in ensuring that their applications are filled out in full and submitted properly, in a timely fashion. Such services are usually intended to make the application process run smoothly for those with language barriers, disabilities, or a general lack of time. Before hiring such agents, it is vital that you weigh the costs versus benefits, that you clearly understand the specific services you are receiving, and that you understand the risks of providing personal information to a third party.